Statement from Russian anti-war activists and their allies on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine

A statement from Russian anti-war activists and their allies on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine One year ago, Russian troops invaded Ukraine and began bombing peaceful cities. Before that, almost 9 years ago, Russia unleashed a war in Donbas and annexed Crimea. Tens of thousands of children and adults have already become victims of this carnage. Millions of people have abandoned their homes and, under bombardment, fled into the unknown. Russian shells are obliterating cities and destroying Ukrainian hospitals, schools, museums and power plants. There is no justification or forgiveness for these war crimes.

We, citizens of Russia and our allies, who are not giving up and continue to fight the Kremlin dictatorship, oppose the war unleashed in Ukraine and demand the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from its territory. We wish Ukraine a total and unconditional victory, the return of its sovereignty over all illegally occupied and annexed lands. We express boundless solidarity and support to the people of Ukraine and stand with them on the same side in the fight against the aggressor.

We are waging this fight in word and deed. We will continue to spread truthful information about Russia’s war crimes, provide assistance to Ukrainians who have suffered from the war, and support those of us who, despite political repression, resist the aggressor within Russia.

We must all rethink our history and take responsibility for all the invasions and acts of aggression that our country has committed in recent years. We see a fundamentally different future for Russia: democratic, peaceful and free. There is no place for aggression, imperialism and xenophobia in our Russia. Therefore, we oppose Putin’s regime and demand an international tribunal for all those involved in the war crimes and crimes of aggression.

Wherever we are – whether in Russia or in other countries – we share democratic values and are fighting against the criminal regime in Russia. We are ready to unite together with activists around the world and act together to defend human rights, to resist aggression, to overcome the consequences of the war and to reduce the influence of Putin’s regime on the world order.

We call on all Russians:

Let’s unite and help each other! We must keep resisting the regime together, support all forms of protest, change the minds of supporters of the war, help those who are in trouble because of the war and show solidarity by all means available and safe for us, let’s not be afraid to speak the truth! We urge Russians to refuse to participate in and help others to not take part in the criminal war and genocide of the Ukrainian people.

We turn to Ukrainians:

We grieve and feel together with you, we are on your side and we are making every effort to fight our common enemy; we admire your unequivocal commitment to freedom, your fortitude and your courage. We believe in your victory and will do everything possible to bring peace to your land as soon as possible!